Phone Repair – Samsung might release an app that helps you repair its phone

Do you Need to make a repair on your Samsung phone? The company might soon have an app for that. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung has made a trademark filing for a new app that has sparked rumors the company could take on repair companies like iFixit for its own devices. The trademark filing, among other things, makes mentioned of a new “Self Repair Assistant” app. See more details belowThe trademark filing describes “Self Repair Assistant” as a “computer application software for mobile phones for self-installation and self-maintenance of smartwatches, tablets, mobile phones, and earbuds.” It’s supposed to provide “consultancy and information services relating to self-installation and self-repair” of various mobile device types.

If the company releases such an app, it could help the company expand its self-repair program which, despite being launched over the summer of 2022, has also added a few devices to the program to enable consumers to repair certain aspects of their devices.

At launch, the Samsung Self-Repair program covered only a handful of devices, including the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S21 trio, and the Galaxy Tab S7+. And not much has changed since. These remain the only devices covered by the program.

Samsung is the second major phone company to launch a self-repair program to bring such concepts in-house. Apple has already launched its own self-repair program and continues to add devices that customers can purchase parts and tools for in order to make their own repairs as opposed to taking it to an Apple Store or third-party retailer.

If it does launch such an app, it could enable the company to support more devices for self-repair more quickly. It also poses a threat to third-party repair companies like iFixit, whose business is based on helping customers repair their devices themselves. With a Self Repair Assistant app, Samsung could be looking to get into that business

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