2023 Election – How to Check your INEC voter’s Registration Status

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is preparing to conduct the 2023 general elections in Nigeria from February  25th and its advisable you check your voters registration status to see if you will be eligible to vote in the coming elections. See how to check your INEC voter registration status below.Never in the history of this nation has any election be this close as the coming February 25th 2023 Presidential elections. it will be decided by four popular candidates and Nigeria has a choice to decide their destiny for the next 4 years.

While INEC has pledged to do everything within its reach for registered voters not to be disenfranchised, the populace has the responsibility of doing their part to get ready for electoral participation.

INEC will display the reviewed or Preliminary Register at your local registration centre, as described above. Visit your local registration centre to confirm that your details are included and correct.

Reviewing the voters’ register

The voters’ register is the list of all those who are currently signed up to vote. It is important to ensure that the voters’ register is up to date and only contains the names of genuine voters. In order to ensure this, INEC periodically reviews the register, especially before major elections. After doing so, it removes the names of
voters who have died, reconciles the names of those who have transferred their registration, removes the names of those who have registered more than once, and removes the names of those under 18.

The Preliminary Register

Before the voters’ register is published for the 2023 General Elections, the Preliminary Register of Voters will be displayed at all Polling Units for public scrutiny. It is likely this will happen during or after September, once the Continuous Voters’ Registration process has been completed. On the basis of this, citizens can raise objections, such as concerning the presence of under-age voters and non-Nigerians on the register. These can be registered in INEC’s ‘Claims and Objection’ form, which will be issued during the exercise. There are three key ways to check if you are registered with INEC and eligible to vote in the 2023 elections

How to check your INEC registration status

If you are registered voter, check your status via link below. It is seamless, innovative and reliable.

Simply Select your

1:- State

2 :- Surname

3:- Date of Birth

Use this link below;


3 Ways to check your name on INEC voter register

There are 3 ways any prospective voter can check their name on the INEC voter register which include: checking the list to be published by INEC, visiting to check on the INEC website or sending an SMS to the INEC phone number.

INEC published list

The electoral commission has the sole responsibility to publish the list of voters in its offices across the federation. As a prospective voter, you are expected to go to any nearest INEC office in your state when these names are published to check if your name is on the list. INEC will announce to the general public whenever it releases the list of prospective voters.

Visit the INEC website

The official website of INEC has all the needed information about the prospective voters and they can access such. On the website, there are two options which include checking with your name and date of birth or voter’s identification number (VIN). The INEC website is: https://voters.inecnigeria.org/

Sending SMS to INEC phone number

Prospective voters can check their names by sending a text message to the INEC number –08171646879. Here is the text procedure: Type your state (space), last name (space), and last five digits of your VIN. For instance: Lagos (space) Seriki (space) 97531.


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