How to generate CBN Reference code from the CBN portal

Do you still have the old Nigerian naira notes of N200, N500 and N1,000 and wish to change them? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to generate a reference code to be able to carry out the task. So this post will assist you more to generate he reference code at the CBN portal. See more below.The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has launched a portal for bank customers to deposit their old naira notes amid a scarcity of new notes. It is best you follow and adhere to all guidelines set by the CBN in trying to exchange and deposit your old naira notes but due to the current face-off between some states government and the Federal government over the case at the supreme court, the February 17, 2023 deadline for all old naira notes to cease to be legal tender still stand!

On the CBN portal you will have to create your profile first, generate reference and print out receipt for you to proceed to the nearest CBN Branch to deposit your old N1000, N500 and N200 notes into your bank account,”

Nevertheless, you can also take the generated reference code to any of the bank branches by showing them the reference code and amount to deposit.

“Please visit this link,, ONLY through the CBN website. Go to the CBN branch or any bank branches nearest to you with the print out.” The code will be a 10-digit number and will be unique to you.

Please note also that to create a profile, a frame is filled where a reference number is generated. Here, you are required to provide your bank verification number, email address, phone number, bank account details, depositor information (including house address), and the total amount of the denomination to be redeemed.

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